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krisitup hey, sorry to be bothering you but could you please do me a favor and like my mcm message to channie? I really want him to see it! I will be eternally grateful <3 here's the link (please remove the parentheses): exo(.)mcmworldwide(.)com/EN/message(.)asp?EE_SEQ=41051 the message may take a moment to load. also, if you wrote a message, we can exchange likes! (every day if you want) thanks either way!!! <3


taehyung deafening his bandmates one hyung at a time

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Happy birthday Park Jimin! How are you not 12 years old?? I hope you have a great day and your hyungs and dongsaengs don’t bully you too much~

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SM stocks halt trading; YG now the biggest Korean entertainment company financially



SM Entertainment stocks have plummeted recently, due to the shocking news of EXO’s Luhan and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica leaving their groups.

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30 days got7 challenge

Day29: a gift you’d give to got7
Answer: I’m pretty sure they love food so I’d give them food that I made! I’d be willing to cook/bake!

baekhyun’s reaction to chanyeol’s sexy girl dances

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30 days got7 challenge

Day28: favorite body part of your bias…
Answer: EYES!!!! I love bambam’s eyes!!!