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140719 The Lost Planet in Shanghai  cr.行星后宫不争寵   do not edit.


140719 The Lost Planet in Shanghai  cr.行星后宫不争寵   do not edit.

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Anonymous hi i wud lke to request a scnario of (suho as bf feat baek as ur bff) wen he found out dat you r 2wks pregnant but suho wnt u 2 abort bby but u wnt to kip da bby u &ur bff baek decded to kip dat bby & lve in a plce wer u & baek live suho realize hw mch u mean 2 him & strted to luk 4 u but der wer no sign a yr later baek decded 2 comebck to sm while bringng ur 1yr bby u ask him to wtch ovr. baek mis his mmber he visit da practce rum & evry1 s in shck 2 c him w/bby suho never new until baek tell.

it’s been 2 years since the incident. an incident you will never forget. Your boyfriend, EX-byofriend, Suho told you he didn’t want eh baby you were having. He wanted to abort the poor little thing but you decided to leave him and keep the baby with your bestfriend Baekhyun. You decided to leave the past and start a new with baekhyun. He cared for you and your little girl, Soo Ji. Right now you’re busy with your work and since Baek wasn’t busy you asked him to watchover, and he agreed.

"The diapers and baby powder are in the bag and the milk already measured to the proper amount so all you have to do is pour and shake it. Got it?" You asked.

"Yes! Y/N I’ve been taking care of Soo Ji as if she was my own daughter. Don’t you think i’ve known that by now?" he asked.

"I’m sorry Baek. I trust you. I’m just really stressed right now because of work." You said.

"Hey! You’re going to do great. Fighting!" He encouraged you.

"Gomawo! Soo Ji give mommy a kiss!" You said as you called your daughter. She got down from the couch and ran to your arms.

"Annyeong Umma! Can we buy ice-cream when you get back?" She asked with her pleading baby eyes.

"Ofcourse my little Angel. Now be good to Uncle Baekhyun okay?" You asked.

"Okay! Baekhyun Appa!" Soo Ji said. Soo Ji never calls him by Uncle or Oppa, Soo Ji always considered him as her own Father and that’s what made you smile even more.

"Come here you little Angel. Bye Y/N." They both waved and you left. Baek had plans to go to Sm since he misses his members. He already told you and you were fine, as long as he didn’t do anything stupid.

-In SmEnt-

"baek!" He heard someone shout and it was Lay.

"Yixing! How are you!" He shouted back. Lay was waving and noticed the little girl next to him.
"Annyeong! I’m Yixing" He said as he crouched down to her level.

"Annyeong! I’m Soo Ji."

"What a cute name for a cute girl." Lay said as he pinched her cheeks.

"I like your dimples." She said as she poked his dimple which made lay giggle.

"BAAAACCCCCOOOONNN!!!!" (Sorry! I just had toxD) Chanyeol shouted and ran to hug Baekhyun.

"Same old Happy Virus!" Baek said while hugging him. The other members followed and waved at the sight of their member coming back but what caught their attention was the little girl standing by his side.

"It’s a little girl! SO KYEOPTA!" Kai said as she pinched Soo Ji’s cheeks and she giggled.

"Gomawo Oppa! I like his cheeks too!" She said as she pointed to Xiumin and he puffed his cheeks and Soo Ji laughed. The other members came near her and played while introducing themselves.

"Guys. this is Soo Ji. I’m watching over her." Baek said with a smile.

"Wait this isn’t your child?" Kris asked.

"Not technically. I’ve been with her and the mother ever since she was born. I’ve been her guardian for 2 years now since she had no father." baek explained.

"And he is the best Appa Ever!" Soo Ji said cutely and all the members said "Awweee"……. except for Suho since it reminded him of what he did two years ago.

"Who’s the Umma to this cute baby girl? She’s probably as cute as her! I’ll marry the Umma and be her legal Appa!" Kyungsoo joked.

"No! I’ll marry her! I’m a better Appa!" Sehun said.

"You don’t want to know." Baek said.

"Why?" they all asked.

"Why Baek Appa? Y/N Umma is the best Umma ever!" Soo Ji said with glee and the other members’ eyes buldged. Including Suho’s.

"Y/n?…." He asked.

"Ne…" baek replied.

"Baek I need to see her!"

"No! She doesn’t want any part of you! Do you know how many times she has cried over you ever since you wanted an abortion?!" Baek shouted and the members were shocked.

"Suho… You what?" Luhan asked in disbelief.

"Get Soo Ji out while I talk with Suho." baek said and the other members took Soo Ji out and played with her.

"You have no right to be with her." baek said.

"I know what I did was wrong. I got her pregnant and left her. I was panicked at that time! But I’ve been trying to get in contact with her. After she left it made me realize how much I loved her and how much i wanted to be with her and the baby. This is my chance Baek. I want to make it up to her and Soo Ji." He explained.

"You’re too late! I’ve seen her in pain! I trusted you with my bestfriend and this how you treat her?! DO YOU THINK IT’S THAT EASY FOR HER TO FORGIVE YOU?! I’m not Y/n but I know she wouldn’t want to deal with you anymore. I’m Soo Ji’s Appa now. I’ve raised her when you weren’t there. I took care of her and Y/n when you wanted Soo Ji gone. I’m sorry Suho. But Y/n and I are a family now. She’s happy and so is Soo Ji. Don’t make it any harder for her. Give her a break! She’s moved on!" Baek exclaimed.

And with that Baek turned around and left Suho. Baek fetched Soo Ji from the practice room and left the building. He then realized that he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt you ever again. He was going to protect you and Soo Ji… That’s when he decided to go Ring shopping with Soo Ji :)

30 Days Got7 Challenge:
Day 23: A member you think your parents would like and why.
I’d truly believe that they’d like Jr. He’s the Umma of the group. Every paren would love to have a son like Jr. he knows how to cook, he’s caring, he dances well, plus he’s good looking. I think he’d be an amazing guy to be introduced to the folks (As of what I’ve seen also in After School Club)

30 Days Got7 Challenge:

Day 23: A member you think your parents would like and why.

I’d truly believe that they’d like Jr. He’s the Umma of the group. Every paren would love to have a son like Jr. he knows how to cook, he’s caring, he dances well, plus he’s good looking. I think he’d be an amazing guy to be introduced to the folks (As of what I’ve seen also in After School Club)

Anonymous hi! i super like your scenarios! i i hpe you are open but if ur not its ok jst keep this scenario and write it some other time i want to request a scenario lay and you are havng your 4ani as you wer so excted you cal lay to greet & invte him to a dnner date in your house on your way to the store to buy him a present while crossing you met a car accidnt suho saw that tragic & causing to rush into you start dialling his phne to sumbdy & it was lay. iloveyou!

"Really? Jagiya that would be fun! I can’t wait to see you!" Lay said as he smiled over the phone.

"Yay! Can’t wait to see you yeobo! Work hard! Fighting!" You said. You were out buying a present for Lay since it’s your 4th anniversary. You decided to go to a guitar store and buy him a guitar. He loves serenading you with songs so you decided to buy him that.

Meanwhile, Suho was busy grocery shopping for him and the other members. He just finished paying to the cashier and was walking through the doors. He saw a familiar sight, it was you. “It’s Y/n! Maybe she needs help with something.” He thought to himself. “Y/n!” He shouted.

"Y/n!" You heard someone shout. It was Suho. You smiled and waved to him. "Suho Oppa!" You shouted. He waved back you held you hand up signalizing him to wait for you. You were just crossing the road until a speeding car was rushing in. Suho shouted but you could understand why until…. BAM! And everything else blacked out.


"I have to finish fast. I’m meeting Y/n for dinner! Where is Suho?" Lay kept babbling that he had to finish early. He was about to call Suho unti; he received a call from Suho himself.

"Hyung, where are-"

"Something happened with Y/n!" Suho shouted.

"What! What happened?!" Lay screamed.

"A speeding car hit her when she was crossing the street. I warned her not to cross and get out of the way but she didn’t understand and that’s when the car hit her." Suho explained.

And with one press of the end call button Lay dashed out of the building and made his way to the hospital.

-2 weeks later-

"I’m fine, lay. I swear." You assured him. It’s been two weeks since the incident and lay was clinging on to you making sure you never went anywhere.

"But jagi! You’ll get hurt again! i’m staying until your arm gets better." He said.


"No buts. I’m worried okay? Please jagi, get some rest." he said as he kissed you forehead and you drifted to sleep with him clinging on to you.


30 days got7 challenge:

Day 22: A member you’d like to become for a day and why.


I love it how he lights up the show whenever he cracks a joke, or even laughs. I love his Hyena laugh! Besides that he’s good with people and is really active. I’d like to learn martial arts and fencing! I’d want to be him for a day! And annoy the other membersxD


-Mianhe! I’m really sorry for the requests not being answered or made. When I reached home last june I was too focused because it was the start of the school year and I haven’t made any progress with the requests. I’m going to continue them now and the 30days got7 challenge will continue<3





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